A throne of hair…

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                      [ serafina has fucking extensions pass it on ]

              [ sylvana is a pirate’s nightmare pass it on ]

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                           [ serafina is the smelliest dragonborn ever pass it on ]

               [ sylvana is the rudest and grouchiest of arch-mages ever pass it on ]

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The Morgana Appreciation Graphic Meme: 

My lady (your favourite Morgana moment)

Morgana: (about Gorlois) I know he respected you my Lord, but I don’t share these memories -how can I? I was ten years old. I only know I loved him and he was taken from me.
Uther: When he died, and I took you into my care, you fought me from the beginning… your will is as strong as my own, you challenge me as a friend must, as your father did in his time.
Morgana: And when I do, you clap me in irons.
To Kill The King, 1.12

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I will keep quiet
You won’t even know I’m here
You won’t suspect a thing
You won’t see me in the mirror
But I crept into your heart
You can’t make me disappear
Til I make you

The Devil Within By Digital Daggers.

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Some things never change


—Golden Age—


"Papa, look at what I found in my garden!"


"That’s… wow look at…that."

—New Age—


"Papa! Look at what I found in my garden!"



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