Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

i expected cute noises

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∂σναн qυєєηѕ




{lίттlє đяαġoи}
     The girl’s hands are wrapped tightly around a once black handle, having since lost it’s sheen and had paint rust off with the sweat of her hands and the oil of failures to keep a light going. With a spin, she finds herself with hair slapping her face and landing in her mouth, with a cloak wrapping around her twice. Pouting, she calls out. 

                         ”How dare you scare me like that!” 


    Silently moving through darkness with fluid grace
     of a nocturnal predator, the slender figure draped in
     black from head to toe does nearly meld with surrounding
     shadows. In all truth, she may just slip away unnoticed,
     not sparing a lone source of flickering light a second glance.
     Sating one’s curiousity is a more worthy pursuit, however,
     and so it is almost on instinct that the half-blood moves for
     further examination. Less quiet than usual, perhaps, as not
     to startle a stranger  m o r e  than necessary.
     Which, in retrospect, does not work out too well. 

                Not entirely intentionally, if it helps. My apologies. 

     A step forward is taken as to let the other’s lantern
     shed some light on those angular features;
     Nibenese at first glance, with striking eyes that squint
     in discomfort at sudden brightness, and a mass of onyx
     hair concealing a feature decidedly more Elven than the rest
     of her visage.

                Is there a particular reason for being out here,
                  or do you simply enjoy creepy midnight walks? 

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                     ❝ Wait—! Please, do not step there.
                              She is setting traps,    for wild beasts she
                              would only have the   smallest amount of
                              remorse for killing,          for she has four
                              hungry mouths to   feed and cannot care
                              for the life of one elder buck. The woman
                              hasn’t the strength,   right now,   to tackle
                              the thing herself. 

                          ❝ Unless you would like to lose an ankle… ❞


    Almost comical, the manner in which the Nightingale
     freezes in place with a foot hovering but a few inches off
     the ground. A startled verdant gaze flickers from Agni back
     to the mass of forage clearly intending to hide something
     most sinister. Something that is probably best avoided to
     be  s t e p p e d  into.
     Slowly, the woman backtracks and carefully walks around
     the apparent hot spot, with a glare of highest suspicion seeming
     to be expecting no less than a Daedric Prince sprouting from its soil. 

                I would prefer not to… 
                   You don’t need a hand in this
                   tedious procedure, do you?

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1/25 of Katie McGrath

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and ignorance is your new best friend

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being roommates with Lorde by Carly Incontro

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My anaconda don’t want none


because it ate last month and snakes don’t need to be fed very often since they use external environmental heat sources to regulate their body temperature and can therefore survive on far fewer calories than warm-blooded animals

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"tell us about yourself"


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"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me."

Ayn Rand (via memoryserved)
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