i was expecting the ‘holy fucking shit, fucking dinosaurs’ but this was just

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/tries to deal with the heart-ache of that ask by shouting profanities up at molag bal’s anchor

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meme: send me § for my muse’s reaction
to yours slowly slipping a knife into their chest

         Angular features blossom with the disbelief of a child; eyes wide and lips
         parted. Glassy tears pool within the broken gold of her gaze, glittering
         pitifully as they look down at the blade in her chest. No longer is she the
         wicked Arch-Mage of Winterhold, not the loathsome witch with a heart
         of stone.

                        She is Sylvana.


         Small-boned, curious little orphan, who even in death, it seems, would fall
         in line behind her sister, always content to bask in the glory of her sunny
         smile. Shining eyes rove about Serafina’s features, searching, ever searching
         with the desperation of a beggar searching for coin, of an addict scrambling
         for their next fix. She looks for love, she looks for affection, she looks for
         acceptance, she looks for guidance, for every holy emotion that was
         otherwise denied to her in this world of warriors and idiots.

                         For that golden smile
                         that can turn night
                         into day.

                                                                                     But she

           A dry, sullen breath of laughter escapes cracked lips, tears mixing with
           blood. There is no pain that takes her breath away, no agony that follows
           the blade piercing her flesh. No. No, this blade, it feels like release. This
           blade, it was always meant for her, from the very day she was born, its
           metallic sharpness had been searching for her blackened, tainted soul,
           hungry for her poisonous, filthy blood. And now, carving death between
           her ribs, it has come h o m e.

                           If only this M O N S T E R could
                                                           be afforded the same luxury.

             It must always be like this. It was only a matter of time. Antithesis battling
            antithesis, it must always end in blood. The strong must always conquer
            the weak. 
And no matter what illusions she wielded with such mastery, no
            matter what masks forged from bitterness she wore, she would a l w a y s
            be weak. With Serafina, she would a l w a y s crumble. Is it her sister’s relief
            of her death that she tastes on her tongue? Or is it only blood?


                                 {  one last illusion, for big sister  }
                                    {  one last lie breathes through smiling lips  }

                                   ❝  Finally. You c o w a r d

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     With a crooked little smile ( yes, she thinks, she’s got the 

     Dragonborn in the palm of her hand ), Sylvana proceeds
     to snatch the two ingredients she needs for this little trick
     experiment. Yes. Experiment. One dish of butter and one
     dish of salt. Bony hands then proceed take the a pinch of
     salt and dash it straight onto the butter with a decided
     flick of her wrist.


                                         ❝  Common house-hold butter, when
                                              sprinkled with salt, warms all of its own
                                              accord! Go on, look, put your hand just      
                                              over it, like this!  
                                              She demonstrates for a few moments,
                                              hovering her hand just over the salt-      
                                              covered butter and retracting it quickly
                                              as if it were scalding hot. 
                                              ❝  Go on, see for yourself!  ❞

   At this point, said Dragonborn’s apprehension
   turns into downright suspicion; such enthusiasm
   and chipper disposition rarely meant anything innocent
   when it came to the wildheart that was her sister.
   Who else but her was to know that little fact;
   and always, always follow through with it as if
   she had no clue what the other was planning.
   Though, truthfully, this time Serafina does not really have
   a clear idea of what is planned for her. At all.
   She expects a trick most foul, of course; but what exactly
   will it be is another matter.

     ❝ I cannot say I am familiar with that sort
        of alchemical reaction. Is it a… special sort of salt? 

             Not exactly rushing to act, she watches her sister
             hover a hand over the suddenly ominous piece of salted butter,
             pulling it away with enough theatrics to make the heat part
             of the argument look convincing. The woman frowns, tilts her
             head left, then right; distant observation bears little fruit, however.

     ❝ Okay, uhm… ❞

            Here goes nothing. As if moving to touch a sabre cat,
            she slowly, carefully extends her hand forward, hovering it
            just above said piece of butter. A few seconds pass and
            a black brow quirks upwards. 

     ❝ I don’t feel anything. ❞

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Bad Blood
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#[ young fina holding sleeping bby sylvie.mp3 #or #dragonborn fina holding her sister’s dead body.mp3 #(⊙‿⊙✿) ]

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          ❝  Sister! Sister, I have discovered the most
          curious thing in my studies, come quickly,
          come quickly!  

                                                      This is rare for the usually cold and
                                                      severe Sylvana, to practically come
                                                      bouncing to her sister with eyes
                                                      sparking and wrists twisting in
                                                      suppressed excitement at her side.

     ❝ Hmmm?.. 

                               It is a rare occasion to witness the aloof and stoic
                               Arch-Mage to bounce around her older sibling with
                               energy of an overhyped kitten; indeed, Serafina struggles
                               to imagine what could possibly cause such an outburst.
                               Curiousity peaked (together with a healthy dose of apprehension),
                               the half-blood gives the other a wide, warm smile of utmost
                               tenderness and keen interest. Elven ears perked up in full
                               attention, ready to follow and take in whatever crazy antics stirred    
                               her sister into life.

     ❝ Dear heavens, it must be something really good
         to have gotten you so excited. Come then, show me! ❞

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                Remember the Storm.
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My Blood
Ellie Goulding
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Ellie Goulding | My Blood

My bones will bleach
My flesh will flee
So help my lifeless frame breathe

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                                          art by etmecheall

it has been a really emotional and thrilling week/month and, 200 followers later, i’ve become so so invested in vilkas and all the relationships he’s cultivated, as well as all the fucking glorious friends i’ve made here.  writing is my escape, and you’ve all made this such a wonderful haven for me, so thank you.  [ taps mic ]  this one’s for all the muses and muns out there who rock my world.


ursiines ;;  once upon a time, i wrote on a daario naharis blog, and sweet t came barrelling into my life with a character full of life and spunk and joy and, lo and behold, a pacific rim au.  basically, from that point on, my life was a million times better and everything was great.  Things Happened and we dropped out of life in general, only to come back to more Great Things.  i think she might actually be the strongest and most inspiring person i know.  beautiful on the inside and out, someone i really really love and adore      and already ursine is, like, stealing everyone’s hearts and then mashing them up for stew.  because we’re all her potatoes.  every single one of us. bless

             ( aka coolest people in this joint)

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