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"My altars are the mountains and the ocean."

—Lord Byron (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)
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The moment when I realized that I’m Azula
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"Bring you down?” He gave a loud chuckle. “I though I had when I shot you down with the Sandman centuries ago. What I say now is nothing but words. To think I would even waste any energy to bring you down, with your pride to cloud your eyes and this so called kindness you wish to spread? No.”


"Your kindness is nay. Gone. And to think you the ‘Mother’ of this world. No kindness of any slips from your mouth or fingers. Nothing I can sense, that is. No, what you hold for your dead father is pity. Just like you hold for everything that has destroyed what you’ve loved, daughter.”

"You’ve blinded yourself, with these thoughts of having so much power. I swim in the darkness of oceans, I touch the shadows that are behind each and every mountain, and I am the core that is hidden within the earth. You may have tapped and merged your soul, as I said, out of some ‘false’ belief you are part of a balance but all I see is a Emily Jane.” Pitch replied, silver eyes gazing to meet green before glancing down.

His daughter was always so naive in so many ways that caused her own wrath and sorrow to make her blind. The Boogeyman had almost wanted to sigh at how her own powers have caused her to become something that she clearly not.

She asked to be not spoken in such a formal way and yet in the past the woman before him wanted to just be ‘his’ daughter and his alone. With his kidnapping of Katherine, to changed and morph the child into his own daughter of darkness.

And now she acted as if they weren’t even related.

Pitch’s lip turned into a snake like grin. They were almost like father and daughter again, going at it in just words and insults and comments. But what did she expect from her dearest dead father? An embrace? A heart felt reunion? No.

Pitch wouldn’t give her that privilege. Not when she stripped him of trying to have a daughter again. How biased. How very very biased.


"I do not doubt you are capable of being a creature of ultimate power. You come from my blood after all. The Pitchiners were meant for greatness and we both are examples of that. Pity your mother did not survive to this day of our present interactions. Your words only give me pride that you can cause such death. It reminds me of those days in which I massacred the pooka race and devoured the stars. Pity you don’t just get rid of the humans in one punch even when all they do is trash and spoil the land with their oils and garbage of candy wrappers and chemicals.”

Pitch could not remember his wife actually. Any images of her were hazed and black. All and any memories from his time as that General of the Golden Age grew smaller and thinner and if it weren’t for Mother Nature still be here, Pitch was sure he would of forgotten all of his fallen star decades ago.

"—-but don’t forget who you are deep down, daughter. Do not forget you are just a fallen wishing star of a dead age. Even if you can do just and conquer the Earth, does not make you some celestial being. We were born without immortal shells and if it wasn’t for our.. run of luck, we would of withered of old age long ago, buried into memory and ash.”

"Earth does not need you Emily Jane. What it needs is balance and daughter, that is part of the universe. Even if I were dead or you were lost in that little ship of yours, the world moves on. We are both nothing but little play things with fate.”


               The slightest twitch of an eyelid is all that betrays
               the inner conflict of the wrathful beast that the Earth’s
               spirit had become over those countless, endless years.
               It is all that is visible on a stiff mask her beautiful face sports,
               all that even hints at the torment in her soul so closely fused
               with the planet’s primal spirit. It is not his words that sting so,
               for the only  t r u t h  she knows to exist is her own.
               The only truth is the one she has lived through, not what he
               believes. No. Simply being in his company was exhausting. 
               She begins to wonder why ever did she bother coming here.

   ❝ Then all you see is a girl long dead. Betrayed and abandoned,
       who is nothing but stardust, nothing but a memory.
       I am { not Emily Jane.

     I am Seraphina, the name my mother gave me, the name I wore
       ever since she died. I am Gaea. Terra. Jord. Mat Priroda. All these
       things mean more to me than Emily Jane ever did. All these things
       are what I am, and what I will always be until the very Sun burns
       me and my world into nothingness and finally kills me. ❞


   ❝ I never forgot who I was. I am not allowed to forget.
       Perhaps, somewhere at the very core, she may still exist;
       but I am simply not that person anymore. I haven’t been
       her for a long time, and you are just a few billions of years
       late to change that.
       The one who forgot is you. You try to convince me of how
       irrelevant I am to this realm, of how we both are nothing but
       slaves to fate, some lucky mortals winning a power lottery,
       but you seem to simply project your own bitterness at what
       fate did to you. And what it has taken away. See? We both
       can make outrageous assumptions about one another. ❞


   ❝ You do not deserve my pity yet. You have not earned it.
       Not with your actions, not with your words. The man I knew
       and loved does - if he is still there at all. 
       I have christened you beyond saving. I would like to be wrong.
       Just this once.
       And that is all I will say to you. I will not involve myself in your
       petty conflicts with the Guardians. I will not help nor hinder you.

   ❝ Even so, remember: even the darkest ocean depths are
       under my command. Every mountain, every tree, river,
       shadow, every nook and cranny, it is all still my domain.
       I see, hear and feel  e v e r y t h i n g  within it.
       It is my core in which you hid yourself, not yours.
       It was there before you. I was here before you, before
       everything, before everybody but Sandman himself, who
       did all but sleep for all these years. And I shall remain after
       all is long gone. That is but the simplest fact. ❞

              No longer does she give him much time for a response.
              The spirit simply sighs, the lithe silhouette clad in dark
              green hues starting to slowly disappear, to meld into the
              very air, translucent and  e t h e r e a l  as smoke.

( Escapism was ever her favourite tactic. )


   ❝ Now, If you would excuse me…
       I have other matters to attend to. Good talk. ❞

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rise daughter

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"Shaped it? You given yourself too much credit, daughter. All because you claim to have sacrificed yourself to become one with such a planet that cares nothing for you?”

"You are no God, Gods are born from much more than just fallen stars and sad memories. Or did those long lost bedtime stories tell you nothing of their power? You are just, in the lightest and smallest of ways, just a care taker."

"The Earth would of continued and moved on without you, Emily Jane. It is the way of evolution. That is something you cannot control, aren’t I correct? Elements, storms and floods do nothing for the minds of beasts and human beings."

"Call Earth what you will but it is nothing but that. ‘Ground’ and dirt. Why do you think I am still here? Because this planet both holds nothing but shadows and darkness… all bundled with creatures that are fearful of even their own image and footsteps.”

Pitch didn’t care if she didn’t address him as what he was. Because, deep down, in that fear that boiled and stuck to her mind and core, was enough proof just for that. Ignorance was bliss after all. Pitch was kind enough to let her accept that to the very least.

"The balance, both of us have a different view of a balance. Yours, only concerns the life and nature of this planet while mine is to the emotions that help keep your little planet at rest.”


"Without me fueling the humans of this dirt planet, man would of destroyed the Earth long ago. It was my fear that kept them cautious of killing your precious beasts and oceans. Even now they still fear what they can’t understand and that includes nature and the diseases that fill it. Fear is a part of understanding and growing-


… but I’m sure you know all about growing up with fear and darkness, don’t you, Emily Jane?”


               A long and drawn-out sigh leaves the woman’s parted lips,
               angular features smoothing into that of dismissal. Not a
               conflict-seeking person, though with patience of a saint,
               the wraith that was once her father was peculiarly hell-bent
               on  t e s t i n g   it. How inconvenient

   ❝ Once more you are mistaken in your misguided attempts to
       bring me down, oh esteemed King of Nightmares. Truly, it is
       almost { embarrassing }. It would do you best not to assume,
       as to avoid looking foolish, even naïve. You know nothing of
       my agenda, of my work, and you do not know me. That girl you
       are trying to address, to wound with your words, is long gone.
       Save yourself time and trouble. ❞

   ❝ But, just out of kindness of my heart… ❞ a phrase spoken
       almost mockingly, ❝ … I suppose it is only fair to destroy the
       misconception you seem to cling to like the truth.
       The ways of evolution are, and have always been under my full
        sway, control and guidance. While mostly autonomous, yes, it
        is I who makes the final decisions of what is to continue and what
        to terminate. It is I who engineered endless strings of code that
        make up every living and non-living thing on this rock; it all is at
        my fingertips whenever I so please.
        I am chaos and order, life and death, destruction and creation both.

                          I am my own antithesis.

        My views on balance are not quite as simple-minded as you claim.
        Fear is as vital a component to balance as any, and I am the last to
        argue it. Though, do not expect gratitude for simply doing what
        you are supposed to do. ❞


      ❝ Ah, but the one to give themselves far too much credit
          here is  y o u, Nightmare King. Really, don’t be ridiculous. 
          Humans do not, and never had the capacity to destroy me,
          or my planet. Truly, I assumed a thought this arrogant was
          exclusive to my lovely Homo Sapiens alone. How disappointing.
       ❝ Understand that I could destroy their whole species in a day,
           if I so wished. One single, simple virus, one disease they cannot
           hope to fight, one fault in the code - and they would be gone in
           less time than even you could predict. Do you truly believe I cannot
           endure humanity’s continuous stupidity? That I am not capable of
           taking care of this world on my own, like I had done for countless millennia?    
           That would be the first effective insult in this utterly pointless conversation. ❞


                 ❝ Do be so courteous as to use formal titles when
                     addressing my person. My Lady could be acceptable.
                     Your Grace, perhaps. That name you keep dropping
                     out is not mine. It means n o t h i n g to me. 

   ❝ Now, this conversation bores me  t r e m e n d o u s l y,
       and I am sure we both have better things to do with our time.
       Would that be all? ❞

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"Often when I imagine you,
your wholeness cascades into many shapes.
You run like a herd of luminous deer,
and I am dark;
I am forest."

Rainer Maria Rilke, from Rilke’s Book of Hours, I, 45.

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